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JbakTaskman v1.37 s60v3\v5 Empty JbakTaskman v1.37 s60v3v5

Post by Babban20 on Sat Jun 12, 2010 9:57 pm

JbakTaskman v1.37 s60v3\v5 Babban0005
This is a freeware version of
the powerfull task manager.
Programm can completely
replace system task-list, and
contain many features for
managing task, processes, and
quick running of applications.
Key features:
● Ultimate replacement of
standard task list, which
called by menu-key long press.
● Customisable quick launch,
where you can add program,
document, phone number, SMS
and e-mail.
● List of all programs in your
phone with quick search by
name or UID.
● List of processes, threads,
chunks with quick search.
● Quick and stable
termination of busy tasks.
● Autorun of programms.
● Phone reboot.
● Uninstalling of sis-
● Info about free memory.
● Clocks with seconds and date
with day of week.
● Detailed information about
runned task, which you can
copy to clipboard.
● Quick task switch by
pressing and holding menu-key
(Smooth task switch)
● Remember last-visited
position in system phone menu.
● Detailed setting of menu-
● Powerfull possibilities for
power and memory saving
What's new:
● [add] Tactile feedback for
touchscreen smartphones.
● [add] If for selected task
set the rule or set to highlight
- this is displayed on the info
● [add] In the tasks list
available backlight control.
● [add] Flashlight uses a
camera flash. Doesn't work on
all models.
● [fix] Nokia N97 - in some
settings, short press on the
Menu to triggered the main
window and the system tasks
● [fix] Option "Kill after send
to back" worked not properly.
● [fix] When opening the main
window, cursor in the fast
start was not raised on top
● [change] Accelerated icons
● [change] For phones with
240x320 screen resolution in
grid quick launch can be add
more elements.
● [change] On touchscreen
phones elements are focused
by pressing
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